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  • My calf kept cramping up after working out. Now, after I shower off my sweat after working out...I rub a few drops of this onto the calf and the pain is gone instantly and I don't even notice it until it comes back again the next day. I will keep it in my locker and keep using this until the cramping ends permanently.

    after sport

  • A client was having a very hard time falling asleep at night and was always waking up again. Now, she puts 1 drop of deep relax on her pillow when she goes to bed and doesn’t have any more problems sleeping. She can fall asleep right away and sleeps through the night. Deep relax is a real class act!

    deep relax

  • I gave a friend a massage with aurelia peace. The massage was a dream and she felt very well afterward. That was on friday. On saturday she stood in front of my door drowned in tears and we had a long talk. Her husband is an alcoholic and he started drinking again, she is afraid and she is not well. After the massage, lots of old patterns had dissolved. Then I gave her emotional cleansing and energy. It helped her a lot and now she has more strength and is more relaxed!

    peace, aurelia

  • "I had chronic neck pain so I began to rub my muscles with muscle ease everyday. After just the first application, I could clearly notice that the pain and tension had reduced and after a few days the tension was completely gone."

    muscle ease

  • "One of my patients has osteoarthritis in his knees and hips, and he often has a lot of pain, some time ago I gave him arthrose AM and arthrose PM to massage it in. Yesterday he was in my practice and said that he hasn't been this good in a long time and that he has no more pain. He's already tried a lot of things, but the oils are the first means to help him!"

    F.S., Physiotherapist


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