an original design returns

March 31, 2016

an original design returns

design is an important part of our company. from the quality of our essential oil recipes, to the structure of the ultraviolet glass we use to store our essences. design plays a vital role in the delivery and experience of our products, from our lab to your home, office, car, or spa.

the face of our product has changed over the years since we began in 1991, beginning with the aurelia essential oils line, which has undergone dramatic changes in label design. the original layout and the aurelia wings logo was designed in los angeles by renowned art director walter schönauer. this presentation, as some of our early customers will testify, was the iconic and timeless image which represented the magnificence of the essences. some of these clients even held on to those first labels we created in a graphic design place open to the public in night shifts on sunset boulevard and printed in black and white on letter paper.

then, we tried to improve on perfection - which never plays out in the end. although we adapted the labels to a more contemporary, flat design, it did not hold up to the test of time as trends begin to turn again. it has been our wish to return to the original label for years, to reconnect with the longevity and precision of our brand image which is marvelously marshalled by the original ‘aurelia’ purple wings.

we are excited to announce that we are resurrecting the original aurelia label design with some minor updates, redesigned from within, and printed without compromise.

these labels will begin shipping this spring and we will eventually update all of the aurelia essential oil labels.

just looking at these labels instills you with the same beauty of the bottle’s contents, and remains a true work of art.

updates to the devarikha and aurelialex lines will be released this year, too.


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