2016 essential mail updates!

June 23, 2016

2016 essential mail updates!

happy summer solstice and welcome to the month of cancer!  this month is ruled by the cardinal water sign and is a good time to begin new things!  Here at essential mail headquarters we have been working hard  to bring some new features to our cherished members.

first, in light of the month of cancer, which rules family - we now offer an essential mail community for subscribers to connect, share and learn together - online as a group 24/7.  whether you want to share a personal story, or request a healing or miracles - you can use our community to stay plugged-in on your phone, tablet or computer. 

the community is an optional add-on to the essential mail subscription, and is not automatically added to your account.  to join the essential mail online community, request an invite here:


we hope this new service builds a bridge between between all the subscribers who wish to connect from across the world and ask questions or express themselves or simply for everyone who needs a sense of community.

another announcement we are excited to share is that we are uploading an essential mail archive to our websites which contains many of our articles and teachings in an organized, easy to find manner, to read and access around the clock.  you’ll be able to learn more about energy, and download good practices - including seminar handouts and meditations from past articles.

thank you for taking this next step with us - we know it is the turn into a new and greater reality for all,

PS - this feature is for essential mail subscribers only, click here to learn more and subscribe to spiritual context.