Essential Mail: From Heart to Heart.

July 29, 2013

Essential Mail: From Heart to Heart.


“see the souls over whom anger prevailed. in the warm bath of the sun they were hateful, down here in the black sludge of the river styx do they wish they had never been born.” — virgil, dante’s inferno

one moment of anger destroys lifetimes of good karma.

logically speaking, this cosmic truth should be enough to steer us away from anger. yet the orotund of anger often overrides our higher thinking causing a lapse of conscience. especially in situations where the ego is personally offended or enraged.

anger is painful because it draws upon the lower energies to “correct” a perceived “wrong”. there is a magnitude of energy that supports anger and this tends to be mistaken for action, passion or exertion. however, there is no advancement with activity in anger, only motionless movement from one stranger to the next.

in catholicism, anger constitutes as one of the cardinal sins aka “the seven deadly sins”, that keep us in a hellish reality. this is because it is a negative emotion which includes: annoyance, irritability, aggression, violence, rage, indignity, frustration, protectiveness, sarcasm, agitation, revulsion, anxiety, revenge, distain, intolerance, abusiveness, pouting, righteousness, grudge, resentment, harshness, hostility, “acting-out” and short or inevitable temper-tantrums.

each emotion that anger produces is like a chain that keeps us in an undesirable reality. one of the greatest traps of an angry reality is the arguing with reality. when we argue with reality, we are without acceptance - which is the resolution of anger. but before, we get into the resolution of anger, we must look deeper into the dangers of the various angers that plague certain realities.

living a life of anger, is living a life in danger.

anger is a very complex emotion. it is the most energetic of the negative emotions because it can serve as a call to action to “fix” a “broken” thing. it also serves as a fuel for ambition or violence to “prove our self” in conquest to preserve or salvage pride. an example of this could be an unsatisfying situation that the ego makes “wrong” to get out of or feel justified to change it - or a bubbling up of resentment from a misguided sense of obligation to a friend of family member.

when we react out of anger, anything that we touch (mentally, emotionally or physically) transfers the anger to the other person. this is what makes anger unique as well as majorly popular in our society as displayed by highly ranked violent media about revenge, rape, and hostile romance. the emotion of anger is transferred from one person to the next without exception. unlike apathy or depression, anger is contagious because it is energized and therefore constitutes as an attack or the will to harm, even ever so subtlety.

may it be a snare, or a casual remark or the pointing of the finger - it goes by us everyday in every way. this is the effects of a victimized mindset - for it is only a victim that can feel angry, because blame is one of the reactions of anger. the more concerning issue is that we have become dull to our anger. we do not even notice it.

this puts a restriction on to our good karma. or more accurately, it puts a dam to our torrents of blessings that wait to rain down on us.

how anger destroys.

as discussed, every moment is unique and can never be recreated. no matter how repetitive day-to-day life may look, it is unique. forgetting this is one of the unfortunate syndromes of anger. for example, the clouds in the sky will never be in the same formation, which means the way in which the rain falls will never happen in that way again. this is much like blessing - if the clouds are the circumstances and the rainfall is the blessing - we can see how each moment is precious when we are not redded out with anger.

anger blinds us from this truth.

in any moment, when we are angry, we block the blessings that are due to us. in other words, the moment is destroyed. the very formulation and style the blessing would come to us will never come to us in that form ever again. that is not to say it will not reassign itself, but it may be lifetimes or minutes later - this we can never know.

as you can see, the avoidance of anger is not about being “good” or “nice” but it is a very self-caring attitude we can adopt to become as happy as we need to be. it should also now be evident how destructive anger is to our development.

as now anger is a widespread epidemic, it would be difficult to quarantine ‘the angry kind’ to keep ‘the loving kind’ safe. not only is this impossible and a humorous thought, but it is thankfully unnecessary for ‘the loving kind’ are immune to the lower frequencies of anger, rage and their inherent attacks. understanding this is a great clue to resolve anger and to move up to a higher plateau of existence. but before we can do that, we need to inspect every cell of our being for traces of anger.

avoidance ≠ ignorance.

as with most all negative emotions, it is common belief that ignoring it or brushing it off will make the emotion ‘go away’. this is because many people feel uncomfortable with negative emotions and the very thought of dealing with them can be upsetting.

in reality, the imagination of handling negative emotions is actually quite worse than actually confronting them. this is why what we fantasize or fear is one hundred times worse than the reality of it. we can thank our karmic filters and myopic views for this. how many times have we found ourselves saying, “it wasn’t as bad as i expected?” - a question to ponder is what knowledge must i unlearn to demystify the transmutations of this life?

the way in which the ego attempts to ignore anger is with the mechanism of suppression. meaning we consciously stuff it down and pretend it is not there. what ensues is often tragic. we will begin to consciously ignore anything that outrages us. we become a doormat or a “good citizen” or a “loving sibling” to avoid the portrayal of anger that boils within. this is how most of the world operates. within the prison of emotional blackmail, activism, expectation, manipulation which all boil down to the preservation of self-image and the worshipping of the false god of the ego. the ego misspells itself as “g-o-d”! these very words may upset the ego!

or there is another tactic the ego utilizes to rid itself of being associated with anger called repression - which is the unconscious action of stuffing it down. this is frequently an automatic function of the ego mind and therefore constitutes as ignorance. only once we become aware of a negative emotional state, it becomes suppression. either way, the more we unsuppress anger, the more the repressed anger comes up for conscious release. and believe it or not, the anger will eventually run out as we routinely release it.

meanwhile, in cases of repressed anger that is stored within our memory bank, our reality is somewhat contaminated. the subconscious mind uses the raw material of repressed anger to make us aware of it. our reality becomes filled with angry people, enemies, obstacles to our dreams, people cutting us off on the road, or vandalising our property or other impressively creative situations that enrage us. these types of situations often leave us speechless - which is great.

because in these moments, our mind is preoccupied, so then we can sneak the anger out while the ego isn’t looking. this the best thing we can do to get as many negative emotions out of repression as possible. this will improve our state of being and especially help sleeping at night and our overall reality - in fact we can relocate to another reality if we can allow our self. please use emotional cleansing to do just that.

there are other methods to dealing with conscious anger of all sorts. before we can do into that, we must look into the psychosomatic impacts of anger.

cardiac arrestment.

anger interrupts the life energy system more than any other negative emotion.

specifically, it weakens the heart meridian of the acupuncture system. many cardiologist have found a direct connection between their patients suffering from heart problems and their casual and chronic anger. this is because of the violent energy that anger produces.

we know that each emotion effects a meridian, and that meridian effects a certain chakra and that chakra affects a particular organ which affects hormones and other bodily functions. so we find that anger disturbs the heart, the heart meridian and the heart chakra. the heart marshals its own energetic field which contains information about anyone. it is the strongest muscle within the body and its bioelectromagnetic charge is more than 2 times stronger than the brain.

if we are suppressing our anger, it shows within the person - this is how we can know that we are filled with anger. our face turns white, our eyes are beady and we make fists with out feet and hands. posture is askew and our complexion may be clear, but a lot is hiding beneath it. (anyone who is reluctant to use raw skin care oil, may fear of what will come up - this is the fear of release that accompanies many egotistical perceptions). the effects of a withering or rotten heart are accurately portrayed in the regression of theodora, aka the wicked witch of the west in the film oz the great and powerful (2013). a delusional mindset, such as she displayed, by misplacing her love and obsessing over her fantasies caused her great pain to the extent that she sought to ignore the pain by going to extreme means. her choices lead her to a life of violence, revenge and punishment - of course in her world she is seeking justice. just listen to her laugh - can anyone seriously think she is open hearted and sane?

anger is not good for our health as it eventually leads us to becoming green with envy. we continue to look outside of ourself for happiness and for blame. this happens so quickly that we do not even notice we block our euphoric state from conscious awareness. eventually, we wonder why ‘others’ get everything that ‘we deserve’. therefore, jealousy is as painful as anger.

make no mistake, there is no such thing as healthy anger no matter what any psychology theory reads. rather, anger is an energy like anything else, and if we transmute anger back into raw energy we can convert it into its highest form - that is loving acceptance and patience.

mirror-like wisdom.

what goes missing when we dive into anger is the ability to learn and remain humble. when we maintain an open heart, we experience the generosity of acknowledgement so that we can learn from everything. dilgo khyentse rinpoche was a great master who embodied this truth. he learned from everything. he acknowledged any being before and within him. he taught that there is a gift in all interactions with people that needs to be unveiled. anything that arises, even an attack, if directed inward and without reaction, will reveal something for which we need to learn about our failure to attain ultimate liberation from suffering.

to do this, we must keep an open heart - and we can begin by applying the heart synergy onto the heart meridian point - in the middle of the chest just above the sternum and reciting the mantra “i love”. in doing this, we can resist the temptation to make others “wrong”, and pump up the wounded ego. our heart knows of the better ways to attain our meritorious goals though aspiration without karmic ambition.

we can experience forgiveness of our self and of others. in doing this, we let go of the retaliation of attack and punishment by accepting the context of others. we gratefully and wholeheartedly accept the position the other is in and like the buddha, transform the arrows into lotus flowers as they reach our aura. this is also displayed beautifully to therodora by oz who tells her that he understands that her situation is not her own and once she finds the goodness in her heart, that she may return to the emerald city. it was obvious that theodora is good hearted within, but as she suppressed her anger - her good heart was repressed and moved out of contextual awareness. as difficult as it may be to understand, this is proven within the film when the wicked witch is able to pass through glinda’s (the good witch) protective bubble that only allows the good-hearted through and repels enemies. this is sadly, why a good heart is never enough - but it is the foundation to a better life - which is what we are trying to accomplish here.

the entire auditorium of anger can be avoided when we see the heartfelt value of accepting the behavior towards us as a teaching. just imagine, that everyone we know and see is a angel who is here to help us become more liberated and happy. imagine for just a moment that only you exist and everyone else is an angel here helping you to become more aware of self-limitations.

exercise - think of one person in life who we think is angry at you. investigate where you have failed to give them acknowledgement or the credit that they deserve. ask yourself “why have i failed to recognize this acknowledgement” and atone for the judgements and selfish behavior that arise (if any). we may find that an onslaught of expectations and emotions between this relationship will release so that we create an opening for miracles and healing.

on the other hand, we can honestly know that we have given all the acknowledgement due and the "no" describes a healthy boundary, we can still bless the person and have compassion for their praise seeking. these are the relationships that end in balance.

may we all have the heart of a lion.

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