Great Hair Days Every Day, Part II

August 08, 2015

Great Hair Days Every Day, Part II

If you missed Part I of this two-part series on great hair days, you owe it to your hair to give it a read! We talked about:

  • what each great hair days blend is all about
  • basic applications tips (how to use great hair days straight or in spray form)
  • how to create hair washing magic with great hair days.

Here are more great hair days User Secrets. And at the end of this post, a GIVEAWAY!! (note: giveaway has been extended to 9/8/15.)

Hair Color Magic.

    • Consider giving your hair a much-needed layer of protection when it’s time to color your roots or freshen up your tint.  
    • Home coloring: when you’re done mixing your color, just add five to ten drops of great hair days strong and mix that in, too, before applying the color to your hair.
    • Salon coloring: Ask your hair colorist if you can add five to ten drops of great hair days strong to the mixing bowl when he or she is done mixing their colors, so that they can mix that in, too. (We’ve yet to hear of any colorist who says no.)

Amp Up Your Style.

  • Heat Styling Secrets:
      • Before heat styling with blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, or crimping tool, apply great hair days strong to give your hair the protection it needs.
        • Put a few drops (or more) of great hair days strong in your palms or straight into hair, and distribute into hair with hands, brush, or comb.
        • Spray great hair days strong onto hair. 
    • Shine Styling Secrets:
        • great hair days shine gives a gleaming, delicious-smelling finish or a quick shine lift to your hair whenever you need it.
          • Wet Styling:
            • Apply a few drops of great hair days shine straight onto wet hair. Comb, brush, or finger-comb through wet hair, and let dry loose, in rollers, or braided for a beautiful, healthy shine.
            • Spray great hair days shine onto wet hair and let dry as usual.
          • Dry Styling:
            • Spray great hair days shine onto dry hair for a quick shine touch-up.
            • Apply a few drops of great hair days shine straight onto dry hair. Fluff through with fingers, brush, or comb, and be dazzled!

      New Hair in Abundance.

        • For Thinning Hair:
          • you can apply great hair days new to your scalp as often as you like—daily, a few times a week, weekly, or whenever you remember to do it.
          • Hair can be wet or dry.
          • Massage great hair days new gently into scalp
          • great hair days new can be applied straight from the bottle, or used as a spray.
        • .For Thinning eyebrows:
          • Put a single drop of great hair days new on a tapered eyeliner or eyebrow brush.
          • Make sure there is no drippage.
          • Lightly brush on eyebrows.
      For Unwanted Hair Loss On Any Area of the Body:
        • Use the eyebrow brush technique (see above) on any area of the body where there has been unwanted hair loss.

      How do you apply great hair days? We’d love to hear about it! 

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