10 tips to create a meditation altar

August 15, 2015

10 tips to create a meditation altar

there are many benefits to having a dedicated meditation place in any home practice.  meditating just anywhere is a bit distracting in that we do not allow the energy from our meditation to build upon itself.  just as we have kitchens to cook, bathrooms to pee, bedrooms to sleep, closets to keep our clothes in and doors to walk in and out of - we should keep any prayer or meditation practice within a designated space.  not only will this improve the energy of our home, but this will be more beneficial and rewarding as our energy will build upon itself with each and every day we use the space.

furthermore, our altar can become a place we retreat to when we need a boost of energy or insight about something on the outside world.

while some people like to dedicate an entire room to prayer and meditation, we can meditate just as well with a little dedicated space and a few simple items.  since an altar is very personal to each individual we cannot instruct what to put on your altar, or how to make it.  however, here are some tips to keep in mind from our years of experience assisting students around the globe:

  1. corners are best.  meditating in a corner allows the energy to build faster overtime.  this could be behind a door for example.
  2. make sure you can sit down comfortably.  meditation should always be made while sitting on the ground.
  3. ensure your altar is in a place where it is quite, free from traffic and a place you cannot be disturbed or interrupted.  unless you share an altar with your roommate, or spouse, build it somewhere you can be in private.
  4. put something pleasant on your altar such as a picture of your teacher, avatar, landscape, etc.  crystals are a good as long as they are cleaned regularly.
  5. other objects such include items that reflect you, or items which reflect that which you aspire to be.  for example, a heart can indicate cultivation of compassion, or a dharma book might represent the destruction of ignorance.  of course you can include items from your religion if you have one, or things like singing bowls or flower offerings.
  6. statues of mother mary, kuan yin or buddha are good examples of statues to place on an altar.
  7. if you know your soul archetype, put this on your altar.  to learn what you soul archetype is, simply find the sum of your birth date and reduce it down to a number between 1 and 22.  email this number to us, (include the math) and we will help you with the rest.
  8. get a good incense stick for meditation.  we also offer blends to help with meditation, a few include temple -made especially for sacred spaces, ritual - to enhance ritual magic and meditation - to help the mind stay still.  inhale them before meditating.
  9. to clean your altar, smudge it with a sage stick or simply spray it with aura spritz aromatique.
  10. your altar will change as you do.

following these easy steps can help you design the best altar.  allow your life to improve with a meditation practice.  if you need to meditation practice, contact us here for more information, or sign up to essential mail where timely meditations are instructed to maximize our life at exactly the right times.

keeping this space sacred will go a long way in your happiness, wellness and overall lifestyle.

have any tips you want to share with us?  please help others are share in the comments below.