life is like a video game!

September 09, 2015

life is like a video game!

life is like a video game! you need to level-up to make sure the player doesn’t get bored or discouraged before the end.

today, there are as many different genres of video games as there are lifestyles. from action, adventure and strategy to RPG, fighting, shoot-em-up, dance/music and exercise games. video games are extremely lifelike in graphics, language, behavior and with the increase of online networking, there is wide spread of virtual interaction. in 2005 revenues exceeded half a billion dollars within the genre MMORPG which stands for a “massively multiplayer online role playing game” were an intense number of players “link” in to the virtual game universe online.

as video games have become more like real life, more qualities of video gameplay can now be compared to and adopted for the real world. for example, heroes often fall and "game over" along their path to victory. yet, they get unlimited "continues" since they impermanently die as in life were energy cannot be created nor destroyed. like in life, depending on your operating system lifestyle, there is the reincarnation factor so you can come back to continue your mission/karma.

in video games, the goal is to level-up to the highest possible form by accumulating as much points as you can. this way, you are better prepared for the final stage. the scale to leveling-up is measured in units of XP (experience points). XPs represent your overall skill and impression and are awarded for overcoming obstacles, defeating opponents, completing goals and successful role play. when you have accumulated a certain amount of XPs, you level-up...sounds like life no?

as with all good games and in life, the difficulty of the next level’s challenges get harder and the experience needed for overcoming it also increases. along the path to leveling-up, we (humans and characters) need a “power-up” to boost us closer to the next level.

power-ups are items that instantly upgrade old or reveal new abilities. they are usually scattered throughout the game level, spawned randomly, purchased in shops, gifted by allies, dropped by beaten enemies or picked up from opened or smashed containers. they come in various types, such as potions or rings.

the super mario brothers use super mushrooms making them stronger; mega man has eddie who feeds him cans of energy; even pac man has power pellets so he can attack the ghosts.

well, what about us? what do we have?

fortunately for anyone who knows about our synergies/power-ups, also knows they are easily found, read about and bought on our store. in this way, just knowing about our items gives you a huge advantage.

like our synergies, power-ups are identified according to empowerment:

these are just a handful of items we offer. head over to our dharmaceuticals store for more. use your imagination to anticipate which item is doing what and feel how it is working after you use it.

power-ups can make a huge difference on your path to leveling-up to your ultimate form. take a look at the items you have and figure out if they are contributing or taking away from your progress. there are items in disguise that harbor harmful energy such as heirlooms or childhood belongings. these are "trick power-up" items that try to deceive the player into grabbing them only to result in damage, weakened abilities, or instant death. such as the infamous poison filled mushroom in the super mario brothers, or products with artificial ingredients like impostors and knock-off's.

life IS the ultimate game! you just don’t get unlimited continues in the same form.