The Power of the Equinox 🌗🌓

September 23, 2015

The Power of the Equinox 🌗🌓

every year, there are two high holidays that we observe: the spring equinox and the fall equinox.  they are always on the day when the sun crosses the celestial equator, indicating new energy for us to utilize on our path to happiness, liberation from samsara and eventually, enlightenment.

both of these holidays balance the light of day with the darkness of night.  the word equinox even comes from the latin phrase "equal night.”

as westerners, we recognize these days because they balance the scales of our positive and negative actions on a collective and personal level.  again, this is reflected in our physical world when on these days, day and night are equal in duration.  on the etheric level, the light we have revealed in the world is balanced out with the darkness we have spread, and vice versa.

during this perfect balance a window opens in the heavens and allows for a new energy to present itself like a beam of light blasting down onto earth.  this powerful force is one of twenty-two intelligences, which will oversee our entire operation until the next equinox.

the magnificent intelligences of the year are determined by the current year of our western calendar, since this archetype applies to the western world, in which essential mail operates.  anyone who observes chinese, jewish, muslim, or other calendar systems, will use their respective calendar to determine the intelligence of their year.  we decipher the archetype of the year by reducing the digits of the year until we get a number between 1 and 22.

although the fall equinox presents a different archetype, it always is an expansion to the archetype from the spring equinox.  looking into our physical world, we can see how different the fall equinox is from the spring equinox by observing nature: in fall the days begin to get shorter than nights, the temperatures begin to decrease and the leaves begin to drop.  this shows us that this immense energy intelligence shines upon the “darker” nature of our lives and helps us to carry through the fall and winter season with more light.  one can even say that the archetype of the fall equinox is the “shadow side” to the spring archetype.  this is not to be confused with as “degraded”, the “shadow side” is where everything we are not aware of is stored.  without a “shadow side”, the “bright side” wouldn’t exist and the opposite is as true.

more about the twenty-two.

it is said that 2000 years before the creation of our world, twenty-two sublime intelligences existed - each with its own archetypal domain and distinct qualities.

these twenty-two forces presented themselves in front of the primordial buddha and requested permission to create the universe.  obviously, the request was granted and these twenty-two indestructible forces create the world.  hence they are universal in the true meaning of the word, and everything we experience through our senses (including our sixth sense) can be assigned to one of the twenty-two.  in other words, these twenty-two energies are the raw material for our world.  they are the base of all molecular structure that science has yet to discover, and are expressed in divine and degraded fashions in conjunction with our egos.

one way to use those raw materials is to observe the archetypes of the year.  on every equinox, the zodiac rotates which means that a new package of energy is delivered to us whether we are aware of it or not.  the best way to use the contents of this package of energy is to know how to use it and what to use it for.

this month is the fall equinox, and to our essential mail subscribers, we will provide tools, explanations and a program to best utilize the archetype that will bolster our western world for the next two seasons.  also, we will include a powerful prayer transmission which should prevent as many short-circuits and malfunctions as possible in revealing the energy of the current fall equinox archetype.  you may think of the transmission as a “VIP Access” or an “energetic adjustment” so that you can “show up” for the empowerment, and also be able to receive and sustain it throughout the year.

our efforts, impacts and actions will, as always effect every sentient being in the world - incarnate and disincarnate.

a note to first timers: we are all ignorant to the extensive effects of each archetype.  we are all beginners starting new.  the teachings presented are thereby unaffected by prior knowledge.  since we are working with archetypal patterns, we will all be able to recognize how they color our lives on all levels.