When to cut your hair.

November 24, 2015

When to cut your hair.

while we offer greathairdays essential oil products to keep hair looking great and healthy, there is the subject of hair cutting as it pertains to the vital life energy within the body.

for example, a jewish practitioner who is in mourning, will not shave his face nor cut his hair for 30 days for religious reasons.  sometimes people shave their hair entirely off to rid themselves of the dangling toxins and frazzling thoughts grown from an overactive head/mind.

in indian and tibetan cultures, there are constructive and destructive effects from cutting the hair and the relationship to our vital life energy, aka chi.  there are favorable days to cut the hair and we suggest to pick an auspicious day for cutting your hair and to try to avoid haircuts on particular days for anyone who is looking to refine their energy hygiene.

since hair represents our power as well as our poison, it is important to not be superstitious about this information, but to apply it practically and confidently.  just like most of us do not understand how energy flows within and without the body, we do not understand how electricity works.  yet we behave accordingly, i.e. we will not blow-dry our hair in the bathtub to save time while getting ready.

energetically speaking, unfavorable haircutting days of the month should be avoided because this is when our vital life energy rests in the crown chakra of the head.  so cutting hair on these days, will cut off the vital life energy that rests in the crown chakra.  we need this crown chakra energy, so it is important to not let this energy go by taking away the hair.

the days are identified by tibetan monks according to the lunar calendar, so they make our job of identifying the auspicious and inauspicious days easy for us in the western world.

here is a breakdown of effects from cutting the hair on the various days within the lunar calendar (taken from the ripga tibetan calendar for the water dragon year):

  1. short life
  2. slander/gossip
  3. wealth
  4. increase in virtue
  5. increase in wealth
  6. increased sensory clarity
  7. lawsuit
  8. long life
  9. attractive energy
  10. greater wang tang (aka magnetism)
  11. intelligence
  12. poverty
  13. increased longevity
  14. increase in comfort and wealth
  15. auspiciousness
  16. obstacles
  17. virtue
  18. loss
  19. increase in longevity
  20. wealth
  21. fear of sickness
  22. gaining clothes and food
  23. increase in comfort and wealth
  24. happiness
  25. sickness
  26. wellbeing
  27. joy and happiness
  28. strife and quarrels
  29. bad food
  30. purification of negative actions and obscurations

for quick reference you can easily match of the lunar dates with our western dates with this iOS application and this android version.  Or here is a Google Calendar Link you can subscribe to..

the negative and positive effects of the haircutting days can manifest in a variety of expressions.  if you have ever been unfortunate enough to get a “bad haircut” then maybe it was on a negative haircut day.

don’t forget we have synergies to help counteract all of the negative effects and if you just want your hair to grow back out faster to get a new style, use some greathairdays new everyday until you have reached your desired length.  this will help the hair grow back swiftly.

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