The Magic of Essential Mail

August 05, 2016

The Magic of Essential Mail

We have been uploading the hundreds of essential mail articles from over the years.  Part of this has been translating them into other languages.  This week we finished translating "rainbow breath" which is a breathing exercise meditation involving the chakras and our essential oils.

This morning when we were uploading the article and preparing to email it out to our essential mail subscribers, we saw that the original date was exactly the same date as today (minus five years)!  We are speechless about the magical guidance and alignment of essential mail.  There was no way we could have planned this and it is a strong testimony for how the wisdom of essential mail is within its auspicious timing.

there is clearly a strong need for our consciousness to be focused on our air today and the opportunity to clear and work with our chakras, as it was 5 years ago today.  makes sense if we want to stop polluting our world with negativity and worry which can be easily picked up by any being who inhales.

we love how life moves in cycles.  we suggest anyone who wants to go upward in their spiral rather than downward sign up to essential mail.  then you can access our archives and do rainbow breath.

may you exhale positive energy