July 24, 2016

at dharmaceuticals, we have seen clients and students achieve personal success when incorporating spiritual attitudes in daily life. while easier said than done, this is one reason we alchemize our oil blends - essentially to provide tools to "celebrate the essentials of life" and to remove any obstacles which prevent that from happening.

while this addresses the physical level, we also offer essential mail as a solution to the spiritual, emotional and mental levels. beginners and teachers alike, can use essential mail to connect with wisdom and learn how to apply it in their life. we have yet to meet anyone who is not a candidate for the teachings within essential mail and remain grateful that we have the goodwill to offer it.

what makes essential mail relevant? 

"what makes essential mail relevant goes beyond the information it offers, as the power of essential mail lies in its timing. we make no claim for essential mail teachings to be groundbreaking or “new”, however, an intense amount of work goes into casting charts to schedule when a certain theme or topic should be unfolded. of course, the energy in question is available to everyone all the time, but may not be accessed because it is not seen or maybe deemed irrelevant or seemingly out of context. so when we study essential mail, we can rely on knowing that we are within a cosmic window of time which has been organized by the intention-of-the-all-good to support the growth and expansion of the consciousness addressed.

of course, we can open a book based on the guidance we receive or review past articles - which is great. but if we want to take flight with information, just like with a trip on a plane, we need a schedule and arrive on time, otherwise we go to the airport and have no idea when and where we are going. this is called getting lost. or think of the three wise men: they followed the stars and found the baby jesus in his crib. now they could have of course made the trip to bethlehem at any time but would their gifts have reached the newborn child? we let you be the judge of that." cancer 2016, essential mail

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