What are dharmaceuticals?
Dharma is information, and ceuticals are a range of products that are designed to work with the body. Ceuticals support the will of wellness and self-care that is, managing personal health in order to improve or restore the body, or treat or prevent disease.

The two parts create the synergy of dharmaceuticals®.  Each and every one of our essences, and products containing our essences, serve as information to enlighen, or at least educate, the body, voice and mind of each and every individual.  Whenever we use dharmaceuticals, we instruct our body, our mind and our energy on how to heal, restore or enhance itself.

When the body or mind has gotten lost, it forgets how to handle itself.  For this, we can use dharmaceuticals to reprogram and out-date any distrubances picked up along the way.  After using dharmaceuticals, we may experience a change in lifestyle or a sky rocketing of energy or insights.  A former self is blasted into the past as we surmount to new heights.

The power of our products is not in the essence itself, but within your reaction and dedication to yourself.

I need help with deciding which oil to use
Begin by using what you know. Perhaps a friend or loved one told you about these products. After you gain successful experience with our products, you will become more confident with trying something new. Loads of energy and time has gone into naming the blends, the descriptions are just extra and as no two blends are alike. Just like human beings, what works for you in one way may not work for another, so listen to your body and your intuition and try what you feel excited and confident about.

May I submit a testimonial?
Yes! We love testimonials! Please go to the product page and submit your story in the form on that page!  You can do it anonymously if you please, or you can contact us with your testimonial directly. Thank you!

How can I become more involved?
By using the products and allowing the changes to sustain and share into the rest of the world.  applying the information from this web site and our newsletter in your day to day life will also you walk the talk.

I would like to work for dharmaceuticals.
Please contact us to submit your resume.

Does dharmaceuticals sell products of other companies or manufacturers?

I would like to learn more about aromatherapy.
dharmaceuticals is focused on expanding awareness one mind at a time, and to offer precious products to support that path. We are not particularly interested in the science of aromatherapy as any qualified aromatherapist or institution would agree our products are not 'traditional' as in their approach. However, we provide all of the ingredients on our web sites as required by law.

Can anybody use your products?
Anybody with an open or curious mind. Our products work hard enough going above and beyond, the energy of skepticism makes it a more difficult task because of resistance - your mind is a powerful thing, you know. We once had a client who had great success with Healing Master. In his shock he thanked the synergy, and a week later he suggested he was going to get better anyway. A month went by, his condition manifested again. We do have blends for doubt and arrogance.

Our objective approach
The information we provide is not personal, in fact it is impersonal. We are not interested in persuading anyone. We have no personal involvement in the success of our clients.

Are you products "organic"?
because we are not a distillery, we do not make any claims that our products are organic.  infact, this is almost impossible for a business dedicated to using the best raw materials from around the world.  for the past 20 years, we have successfully bought from the best possible raw materials for our recipes.

shopping for organic aromatherapy products is not the same as shopping for organic food, or organic fabrics.  it is true that we use organic ingredients, however, we also use materials that have been grown “wild” or “demeter”.  of greatest importance is that our oils are distilled at the source, which can change from season to season.  so one season, a particular plant may be grown “organic” and the next season, it will be grown “wild” depending on the farm who supplies the best material.  this all depends on the art of farming such as weather conditions and political agendas - all of our products are made from farmers in accordance with the fair trade act.

for example, you can grow lavender in your backyard, “organically” and if you want to spend the resources, you can have it certified.  however, it will not hold up against the lavender grown in an high energy area in france.  street smart merchants purchase cheap lavender from all over the world, import it to france and export it as “french lavender” when it really grown and distilled elsewhere.

we like to tell prospects if they are attracted to our products, then just try them.  sometimes certifications can distract from what is best for you.  the best thing to do is to find a product that makes you feel safe and good.  if that means you need a label that says “organic” then get that.  our products are about vibration and highest potency, without dilution on any level.

furthermore, our oils have no negative environmental impact, our sources are "fair trade", and no animal or any other sentient being have been harmed in the production or creation of our products.

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All products have been formulated in California, USA.

Aromatherapy is not an official method of treatment and the information provided are some traditional uses of essential oils as they apply to aromatherapy application. The uses suggested here are from aromatherapy text and folklore, and are not intended to replace in any way remedies or cures for medical ailments. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. If you have allergies or sensitivities or any known condition which makes you suspect an allergic or other sensitivity reaction, caution indicates checking with your licensed physician.