The Essential Mail Program

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  • Astrological Updates to control and harvest monthly energies
  • Advanced information about the oil blends
  • Archetype teachings and transmissions
  • Tools to assist transformation
  • New/Full Moon Meditations

In order to appreciate Essential Mail, one must have the will to liberate themselves from suffering.  Therefore, one must have the will to challenge transparent beliefs.

To support this, Essential Mail offers weekly teachings upon the sensitive and subtle nature of reality and serves as a compass for the human spirit navigating the mysteries, challenges and trivialities of life. These subtle teachings are often presented as exposures of the root causes of suffering and other problems.

When the underlying cause of a symptom is uprooted, true transformation can occur.  For this, Essential Mail focuses a special emphasis upon the cyclic behavior of mankind, and aims to address the underlying root mentality that is the cause of conditions, situations, frustrations, negative emotions and poisonous perspectives that so often lead to unfortunate events and traumatic memories.

It is in our experience that after suppressed and repressed memories begin to surface, all questions and perplexities can be looked at with honesty to become answered for an increase of intelligence, awareness, and quality of life.  With the Weekly Essential Mail program, archetypal patterns are outlined and presented in a way that surpasses the resistance of the ego to improve your life.  The tools that are used to map out and forecast the cyclic patterns of human life include jungian archetypes, psychology, mystical religions (such as Zohar teachings, Tibetan Buddhism), kanyu/feng shui, and archetypal astrology.  We also offer extensive information upon our essences we manufacturer that appropriately address all facets of the human journey.

Since the teachings are based in truth their synchronicity is of utmost importance and this requires the delivery of Essential Mail to be precise to each time zone according to the energetic weather and other geometric factors.  Whereas in workshops, we have been unable to offer these time sensitive teachings on the cosmically time sensitive clock.  As a consequence, many subscribers often tell us they feel the articles are composed "just for them", which on one hand is true, yet on the other hand is an effect of the innate ability we all have, to recognize archetypes.

Holidays, astrological occurrences and other time sensitive events are explained so that one can use the supportive energy of nature in resolving loose ends such as karmic grief or uncontrollable anger.

Of extreme importance is the style of communication Essential Mail offers.

In Essential Mail we continually learn about the relationship between the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind.

The average person for example, reads with the conscious mind.  This is because the content of what the average person is reading is mostly written by an author who writes with a conscious mind.  Almost all beings read, or listen, on the level which is being addressed.  This is how very important information can take years to ripen and "make sense".

Essential Mail is written by the union of the three minds (conscious, subconscious, superconscious), and therefore addresses the three minds within any subscriber for a powerful effect, or empowerment.

Specifically: The text of essential mail addresses the conscious mind, the meaning of essential mail addresses the subconscious mind and the transmission of essential mail addresses the superconscious mind.  The three make up what is called, empowerment, since knowledge is power (whereas information is not).  Consequentially, each teaching can be read and reread for greater study and realization.

Therefore, it should be noted that immediate comprehension of Essential Mail teachings is an irrelevant expectation since the information is downloaded and stored within the subconscious aura of the student for integration and assimilation, dependent on pace of intellectual metabolism. Meanwhile, the mere sight and artwork of an Essential Mail omits such powerful, uplifting energy that the beauty is transforming students into higher states of consciousness.

As one gets used to this frequency of vibration, one may draw, or attract, like-minded situations and people into ones reality for an increase of quality of life and greater happiness.

In short, the information offered by Essential Mail addresses your three minds for the ultimate purge of ignorance.


"I am a longtime subscriber to Essential Mail, which means I receive at least 3-4 teachings every month, each one a priceless treasure full of wisdom, insight, and guidance. It is no exaggeration to say that every one of these emails is life-changing, and that they are so packed with information that I get something new out of them with each successive re-reading. The  magic does not end there, because I have found that each email arrives at exactly the time that I need to hear what it has to say. It is like taking a course in happiness, relationships, family, prosperity, work, health, success, and the true nature of reality all rolled into one. I am so grateful for these precious teachings!"

“Thank so much for your new precious essential mail "riddled with guilt?" – as I read it, I thought, it is written for me! I find myself completely in this pattern - how you describe it - and am very grateful that you explain this issue in such detail so I can now do something about it. Plus! Thank you for the valuable tip to apply 'feel good' onto the abdomen and say the mantra in the article. I can’t tell you how much it helps me and has helped others. I did it only once and I was immediately very hot all over my body. Before this, I've tried different blends to take away my freezing and shivering - that idea would never have occurred to me, to rub 'feel good' on the abdomen. Besides, I picked for this year the essential key - "want that feeling" - this blend and your essential mail are therefore of great importance and help to me. Thank you with all my heart!” S

“This article really hit the nail on the head - all this time, I thought I was subjected to my boredom and now I understand how I control if I am bored or not. Thank you.”

“Dearest Team Aurelialex, What a wonderfully potent experience with the Archetype of Collimation (essential mail teaching). I highly recommend this Journey to anyone interested in harmonizing their relationship to themselves, their partner, family, and the world at large. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, the text potent and rich in meaning, the pure transmission indescribable, unimaginable and a "must experience" for anyone on a path of cultivating compassion, wisdom, and pure awareness. What great good fortune to have access to such potent treasures that can be directly experienced in our daily lives. Thank you team Aurelialex for bringing such benefit to the world!!!!” A

“I used to receive my spiritual teachings in the mail (by post) for years. I so appreciated them and learned a great deal about philosophy and the truth of reality. I was a great “home school student” in a way. But, one day the teachings stopped coming in the mail without a word of cancellation. I have been looking online for a good source to study and learn and I came across your site and found essential mail. The teachings are delivered right into my inbox and they are mind-blowing and very deep and profound. Just contemplating a sentence or two keeps me busy for months! Thank you for offering this service in such a confused world.”

"Thank you so much for this precious teaching and transmission for the new year!!! will do my best to apply it! May all the good that comes out of it come back to you guys a gazillion times!!!”

"I am getting tremendous benefit from the e.mail and the synergies. a few weeks ago the 'digest' topic hit just right for me. I ordered the synergy but experienced a shift before it even arrived!”

"Thank you for these empowerments/ teachings. So creative! But what else would I expect :)"

"Thank you so much for your guidance with your essential mails!!! this is amazing what you do and I'm so grateful to be able to receive this precious information. Thank you so much for your precious work".

“I had a deadline for work which I was on schedule for. However, every time I would take time for myself to play or go out with friends I would be swamped with feelings of guilt for not working. I couldn't logically talk myself out of it either. Then I got your essential mail and I started using feel good on my abdomen as instructed. I noticed a shift of consciousness and that trickled all the way down into my body. I didn't have knots in my stomach or this haunting sensation of sabotage. I was even able to become more inspired for my projects. I actually, just felt good. Thank you for helping me.”