the archetype of pisces helps us to transcend our ego and its addiction to the illusionary world - the mind trapped in the karmic view (or samsara).  using the plant essences connected with the planet and constellation of pisces, we are able to access the wisdom needed to let go of our fears and sacrifice unneeded and unwholesome ego patterns which are holding us back from reaching our next upgraded self.  one piscean aspect of this is the flushing-out of cell memory so that we can set the stage to incorporate knowledge into the bodily organism and renew ourselves.  this blend will assist us in looking at things from a different point of view, so that we can finally free ourselves from “victim-consciousness”.

contains therapeutic grade essential oils of chamomile, clary sage, sage, ylang-ylang extra.

  • activates the wholesome qualities of the pisces archetype
  • pisces rules: feet, occiput, brain stem
  • pisces mantra: i believe
  • pisces timeframe is approx. february 20th - march 20th
  • this blend has also been to known to help with sleep

using plants to overcome the planets
plants can be used to help us overcome constellations of planets.  the body intelligence of plants are grown in a way which holds many of the secrets and wisdom of the planets.  for example, many of our vegetation is dependent upon the seasons, which are dependent on the position of the earth and how the sun shines in each season.  this allows for two types of weather, one is meterological and the other is astrological.  as the plants grow according to the conditions of the planets and the earth, they have great wisdom about the heavenly bodies and how to work with them throughout the seasons.  we too, can tap into this cosmic schedule by using the astro essential oil blends in a timely manner.  not only do these blends activate energy within us during the astrological transits, but they also help us with our own very unique personal birth chart.

aromatherapy applications

  • can be used this blend during the month of pisces - typically from february 20 - march 20, to get out from under its negative  influence and use the available energy in the best possible way.
  • makes a great birthday gift to anyone who is a pisces to bring out the positive qualities and overcome the negative.
  • pour a few drops of this blend into an oil lamp/diffuser to fill your room with the aroma.
  • use it the way you use your perfume, a couple drops on the pulse points for example.
  • knead 2 drops in your hair.
  • at bedtime, rub 2 drops in your palms and deeply inhale the scent.
  • rub 2 drops on your pillow before you do to sleep.
  • pour 2 drops on a cotton ball and place it on your desk so that the aroma can diffuse throughout the day.
  • pour 2 drops on a tissue and toss it inside your purse, briefcase or backpack so every time you open the bag, you will experience an aromatic surprise.
  • .....or be inventive and share your applications with us!

you don’t need to be a “pisces” to use this
pisces is an archetype every person has within them, according to their personal birth chart.  this means we do not need to be a “pisces” to use this blend because it will help resolve problems coming from the pisces within.  pisces is on everyone's birth chart and the house where it rules will manifest its energies.  this blend can be used to enhance these areas of life.  consider using this blend when you have a lot of planets in pisces.  for more information regarding your birth chart, please visit our dash astro session page.

minimalistic packaging
bottled in a uv glass bottle and capped in an elegant hdpe dropper and cap for ultimate purity.  as part of our company integrity, we use minimalistic packaging in order to not harm the environment with wasteful resourcing, and to not overcharge clients for “absurd boxes”.

use only be the drop. keep out of reach of children. for external use only. avoid use during pregnancy. avoid use if epileptic. read the label.

true botanical, high quality, therapeutic grade!
a 100% pure essential oil synergy of highest vibration. contains sustainably grown ingredients. no additives, no synthetic fragrances, no fillers, paraben free, pheromone free and ego-free! every product is made from carefully selected ingredients from our network of farmers. our raw materials are made at the source and we blend each formula by hand.

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