witch's brew



Perfect your spells and hexes with this magic scent from our lab. During the month of October, receive a gift of 'witch's brew' for every $100 you spend, or buy it for $6.66

limited edition (while supplies last)!

it's october - the month of halloween! improve your spells and superpowers with a special blend from our lab.  this is not a product we manufacture for the market.  during the blending process it is virtually impossible to empty the vials (in the same way one cannot entirely empty a bottle of olive oil).  at the end of the blending process, after the blends have been bottled and capped, we allow the remaining milliliters to be poured into what we call a "witch's brew" bottle, which is perfect for halloween.

ingredients: sugar, spice & everything nice!
(literally, just about every blend and singlenote we have.)

    Aromatherapy Applications

    • Pour a few drops of this blend into an oil lamp/diffuser to fill your room with the aroma.
    • use as a protective mist barrier on Halloween when the ghouls and goblins come out with their tricks!
    • hand out to trick or treaters and those who need extra magic!
    • Put some on your broomstick!!! Wizards put onto your wands!!!
    • You’re gonna have some more magic! That is for sure!
    • Use it the way you use your perfume, a couple drops on the pulse points for example. This is a magical perfume.
    • Knead 2 drops in your hair.
    • At bedtime, rub 2 drops in your palms and deeply inhale the scent.
    • Rub 2 drops on your pillow before you go to sleep.
    • Pour 2 drops on a cotton ball and place it on your desk so that the aroma can diffuse throughout the day.
    • Pour 2 drops on a tissue and toss it inside your purse, briefcase or backpack so every time you open the bag, your will experience an aromatique surprise.
    • ...Or be inventive and share your applications with us!

    Use only be the drop. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid use during pregnancy. Avoid use if epileptic. Read the label.

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